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The Neal Show! at Woodlands Tavern
Fri July 30, 2021 7:00 pm
Woodlands Tavern
All Ages
Way back when, there was a band called “Oswald and the
Herringbones.” It was a rather silly name, for a rather silly bunch of friends.
But, they had a good time sharing music with each other, and with
friends across about half of the USA. They were too silly to actually break up. But they dont play out anymore.
So, Neal (one of the Herringbones) started a band called “Shinola.”
After the cease-and-desist order arrived, the band changed their
name to “go robot, go!”Theyve put out … gosh, around five or six full-length CDs, and an EP. With more to come soon. Its fun to make music! But, theyre pretty shy about playing out. And only about a half dozen people have even heard of them.
So, Neal decided to go solo. (He really likes to write songs!) But his friend Jack kept showing up at gigs, with his bass guitar. Jack is a good friend!
So, now Neal has a band. Jack Burgess on bass, and guitar, and
vocals. Pete Vogel on keyboards and drums and percussion. Steve Sims on drums and percussion. And, on good nights, lots of special guests. Like Aaron Minnick on sax, and flute, and vocals. And Dave Schuiteman on vocals. And Kevin Cardoso on trumpet and percussion. And its usually a good night if “The Neal Show!” is playing.
Come and join us! Maybe we can buy you a drink.