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Texas Hill at Woodlands Tavern
Fri August 19, 2022 7:00 pm
Woodlands Tavern
All Ages
Texas Hill is the new vocal trio of Craig Wayne Boyd, Adam Wakefield and Casey James. Craig Wayne Boyd offer s avoice full of gospel-tinged country smoke, Adam Wakefield blends a rootsy bluegrass-and-Americana rasp,and Casey James wraps it with a blue eyed soul quality and deft blues guitar chops. The resultis a band that’s both rock solid and highly adaptive.Texas Hill is instantly identifiable, thanks to it swell-developed signature sound:  a proud ,in-your face harmonic wall. Each of the individual Texas Hill members earned a national presence as contestants on TV music competitions–Boyd and Wakefield were both members of Blake Shelton’s team during different seasons of NBC’s The Voice, and James developed a following during the Simon Cowell era of FOX’s American Idol. Texas Hill' shighly anticipated debut album Heaven Down Here was recently released January 21,2022.