Event Details

The Whirlybirds at Woodlands Tavern
Fri June 7, 2019 8:00 pm
Woodlands Tavern
All Ages

Whirlybirds formed in 2016 when Joe Gilliland, former bandleader of The DewDroppers, decided to continue creating the kind of accessible, catchy, pop-swing sound the band was know for despite some members parting ways. With clarinet/saxophonist Joseph Brenneman and bassist Trent Sampson in tow he set out to construct a new project. With the addition of Nick Simko on trumpet, Max Marsillo on drums, and Jacob Campbell on keys, Whirlybirds was born.


The band quickly began to develop its own spin on the style, delving deeper into New Orleans style Dixieland and pre-WWII era jazz while still incorporating more modern elements of jazz, pop, soul, funk. The result is unique arrangements of original music (as well as standards/covers) designed to engage and entertain the audience in a high-energy, live show the audience won't soon forget.


Whirlybirds can be enjoyed by audiences of young and old, whether they be conessuers of jazz or simply casual concert goers. Dynamic enough for a small dinner engagement or full blown concert stage. Contact at whirlybirdsband@gmail.com for booking inquiries.