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Event Details

Woodlands Tavern
Sat June 29, 2024 7:00 pm

Rock the Planet at Woodlands Tavern

Now celebrating 10 years of writing and playing music. RTP came together from
Austin,Texas, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Columbus, Ohio. Their continuous effort
has created 7 albums containing 94 songs. Their unique style of guitar driven
ROCK MUSIC is solid and precise, telling stories and taking on the world we live in.

Tom Weisend-Vocals/Guitar/Synth
Was the founder of the muffs and the band MONEY who have 8 Albums and 1 EP
George Bower III-Vocals/Bass Guitar
This Indiana native has 40 years of experience touring, recording and performing.
Rick Hall-Drums/Percussion
Cornerstone, the GODZ and played drums on all the muffs and MONEY recordings.
One of their summer tour stops will be Saturday June 29, 2024 at the premier
venue of original music WOODLANDS TAVERN located in Grandview, Ohio.